BOBBIE’S: Brownies With A Conscience

When it comes to indulging in a brownie, you want it to hit the spot and really make it worthwhile. The ideal balance of rich chocolate without being too sickly, the squidgy middle enveloped in a slightly crispy outer layer for that satisfying crunch when you bite into it, the gooeyness rather than being too dry and crumbly. Is that too much to ask? Not for BOBBIE’S, because they deliver exactly that!

A brownie company “with a conscience”, their mission is simple: crafting the biggest brownies, with the finest ingredients whilst playing their small part in ending child hunger – so if there’s any reason to eat a brownie right now, consider this a guilt-free pass 🙂 For every brownie bought, this contributes to the 1.8m nutritious meals delivered to children in education across the globe each day through BOBBIE’S charity partners, Mary’s Meals.

Arriving in wrapped-up slabs in neat little boxes, it was a pleasure to work with the brownie company and serve up the delicious squares of indulgence in various ways, showcasing just how many ways they can be enjoyed – especially when bought as a gift. Served alongside a hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate, drizzled with Biscoff spread or crumbled up into a sundae for dessert, the opportunities to enjoy a BOBBIE’S are endless!

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