VEGAN Strawberry, Orange & Chocolate Muffins

Another strawberry recipe, because it’s (supposedly) summer and Wimbledon is in full swing! I’m extra excited about this recipe, not only because these muffins are so bloody delicious and include my favourite raw, vegan-friendly chocolate from the Conscious Chocolate guys… But also because the lovely Chyaz made a video of this recipe over on her […]

Protein Maca & Cacao Flaxseed Iced Muffins with Spiced Pumpkin Yogurt & Granola Topping

Although this might sound complicated and fiddly with loads of ingredients, this is actually a very simple recipe with limited preparation, but the result is a wonderful, rich layer of maca, Linwoods cocoa and berry flaxseed mix cacao with spicy, creamy pumpkin together plus an additional tasty crunch from an oaty granola topping – yum! […]