Why peanut butter lovers should try Hale Natural’s PPB

‘The secret of PPB is that only the finest peanuts are selected and slowly roasted then pressed to remove most of the fat and oil. The result is a peanut butter flour with less saturated fat but high in fibre and protein.’

That’s the statement of Hale Naturals powdered peanut butter products, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high protein health snacks. As a result of ‘meeting’ on Twitter, I was very intrigued to try this form of my one of my favourite products which I admit I have an addiction to: peanut butter. Would it taste like its original counterpart? What about the texture it creates when made up? How would it work in baking?

PPB’s premise is that you can enjoy peanut butter wherever you are, ‘without the guilt’. Available in Original, Sweetened with Stevia and Chocolate, here’s a quick run-down of how Hale Naturals PPB compares to the average peanut butter (per 100g):

  • About 200 less calories
  • Twice as much protein
  • Double the carbohydrates
  • Double the sugar content (not the Stevia one)
  • A third less fat
  • Same amount of fibre

Depending on your dietary goals will determine how you view this; my personal focus is high protein and low carbohydrate with as little added sugar possible, so the nutritional content for PPB is not strictly what I go for. However with the same level of fibre, more protein and lower in fat and calories, this is certainly not to be dismissed.

As you can see from the recipes below, I was able to add PPB in various ways – there were more which I haven’t included, including adding to smoothies, stirring into protein hot chocolate for a nutty taste and whizzing up with frozen bananas for a rich but guilt-free dessert. Its versatility is certainly one PPB’s selling points.

The flavours are slightly unusual – more salty and concentrated but used in cookies, cakes and cheesecakes, it works wonderfully, especially with flavours like banana, chocolate and caramel. I was impressed with how well it contributed to my favourite recipe combinations and I didn’t need to make any complicated changes where peanut butter could be originally used, or if I wanted to add it to something for extra flavour.

Although I won’t be ditching my ‘normal’ peanut butter habit any time soon, in the future I will keep a tub of PPB handy as an ingredient for upcoming healthy baking activities. It is useful to have, is great if you’re looking for a lower fat and calorie alternative and the opportunities for using it are endless. Hale Naturals, you’re onto a winner!

Guilt-free Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cheesecake


Ginger & Walnut Protein Carrot Cake with PB Icing


Vanilla and PB Cacao Chip Protein Cookies