World Vegan Month: Health Food Haul

With November being World Vegan Month, I thought it would be appropriate to devote a post to my favourite brands and products that are suitable for vegans. Here I’ve put together a list celebrating all things tasty, reasonably priced and enjoyable to incorporate into your diet (whether you’re vegan or not). Most of these brands I either work with, have met, and sampled myself – so they pass the SpamellaB test!

Although I lead a plant-based diet I do not label myself as ‘vegan’ and I work with brands and create recipes which appeal to this way of eating. Whether you’re getting your bake, eating while out and about or fancy something indulgent, you really can’t go wrong with these!


Perkier Bars

Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, no refined sugars, packed full of goodness, protein and fibre – and ridiculously tasty. That’s what you want from a snack, right? From Coconut & Chia to Cacao & Cashew bars, I love the addition of puffed quinoa in these sticky, indulgent but healthy snacks. Read more about them plus recipe inspiration ideas.


Nim’s Fruit Crisps

Air-dried fruit and vegetable crisps, completely natural and with nothing added. They make an Instagram-worthy addition to salads, breakfasts and bakes, are satisfyingly crunchy and ideal as a super healthy snack on the go. See how I used the apple crisps here.


Good Full Stop Bars

‘We make fruit and nut bars from the finest natural, wholesome ingredients and a ‘hint of naughtiness’. When you consider flavours like Cherry Maple and Double Chocolate, you wouldn’t guess these vegan friendly, gluten and dairy-free snacks were made from natural ingredients and count towards one of your 5-a-day!


Proper Corn Crunch Corn

If you’re a fan of pop corn, you HAVE to give these a go: A mixture of un-popped, half-popped and fully popped corn to create a unique blend of textures and flavours. Nut-free, gluten and dairy-free, suitable for vegans and high in fibre, these have become one of my favourite savoury snacks.


Nom Bars

I’m a huge fan of Nom’s organic, vegan, gluten-free and no refined sugar bars, available in Banana, Cacao & Raspberry, Original and one boosted with pea protein. They make great post workout snacks if you’re out and about and need to refuel.


Moral Fibre

Although their sweet gluten, dairy and guilt-free snacks are delicious, I adore the savoury Courgette Crunch and Chilli Crunch bites made from raw ingredients. Packed full of goodness and flavour, they make a healthier alternative to crisps. Head over here to read my review.


Good 4U Super Bites & Super Seed Shots

Handy, nutritious snack packs of dried fruit and seeds with no added sugar are great when you need an energy boost. With interesting flavours like Apple & Cinnamon and Cranberry & Coconut, the Super Bites are also delicious, naturally sweet mini balls of goodness. See how I used them in this recipe.



Beloved date nectar

When it comes to using a natural sweetener in baking or making raw treats, date nectar is my key essential. Vegan friendly and offering a rich, dark and distinct flavour, this works particularly well in any chocolate, coffee or salted caramel recipes.


Lucy Bee coconut oil

What would I do without a big jar of raw, organic and Fair Trade approved Lucy Bee in my cupboard?! A trusty ingredient in many sweet and savoury recipes, it can be used easily to replace butter when roasting, baking, cooking, spreading… The opportunities are endless.

Pic’s Peanut Butter

There are so many amazing nut butters on the market but Pic’s is up there as a firm favourite. Made from hi-oleic Australian peanuts with no palm oil, added sugars or ‘weird stuff’, choose from Crunchy, Smooth or even No Salt. Simply delicious – straight from the jar! I used it in this recipe here.


Sukrin baking products

From zero calories natural sugar alternatives to low-carb, gluten-free and vegan friendly baking mixes, I would highly recommend Sukrin. Their wholefood flours – peanut, coconut, almond and sesame – are my storecupboard essentials when it comes to healthy baking.


Linwoods flaxseeds

Nutritious and versatile, flaxseeds make a great addition to vegan baking as they act as a binder in recipes, or delicious sprinkled over yogurt or meals. I love Linwoods milled organic blends, which include Chia, Apple & Cinnamon and Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds. Get recipe inspiration here.


The Coconut Company coconut products

Providing raw, natural, vegan and organic products from fresh coconuts, I’m a huge fan of the coconut sugar and dried coconut milk powder – both ingredients feature in many of the recipes. The powder is especially useful when milk is required – simply dissolve in water and keep the rest in your cupboards.



Because what would a healthy vegan kitchen be without superfood powders? From ready-made blends to pure powders, I’d suggest including Cacao, Spirulina, Maca and Acai for blending into smoothies and adding into baking, while chia seeds make an ideal egg substitute in baking as they bind ingredients together. I’m a big fan of Superroot products.



One of the main concerns of being vegan is getting enough protein in your diet. If you need a boost try PhD Nutrition’s Superfood protein powder: a blend of plant proteins (brown rice, pea and hemp), fruits and berries, wholefoods and greens, a serving of this gluten-free, dairy-free powder (available in Chocolate, Banana or Super Berries) contains 14g protein per serving. The PhD Woman Natural protein is also a fantastic and very similar vegan alternative to whey.



Bute Island Sheese

Love cheese but miss it? Say hello to the Sheese range from Bute Island. Cheese slices? Got it covered. Wensleydale with cranberries? That’s available too. Cheese that melts when you grill it? Melted slices are what you need. All made from coconut oil and taste just as good! Check out my recipes over here.

Coyo Coconut Yogurt

Thick, deliciously creamy yogurt…. If you’re looking for a dairy-free, vegan friendly option, you need Coyo in your life. Handcrafted from the squeezed flesh of the coconut without any sweeteners or preservatives, from Natural to Raw Chocolate, there’s a flavour for everyone. See how I used them over here.



Frill Frozen Smoothie

I’ve got a lot of love for Frill’s frozen smoothies – rich, smooth and packed full of fruit and veggies without any dairy or added sugars – just natural ingredients. Choose from Intense Chocolate, Strawberry, Crunchy Nuts, Refreshing Green (my fave) or Bursting Berries.


Jollyum dairy-free ice cream 

‘Non dairy indulgence’ is what Jollyum are all about, making truly luxurious ice creams but with no cream in sight (made with organic soya). Offering drool-worthy flavours like Maple & Pecan and Passionfruit & Chocolate, vegans definitely won’t feel like they are missing out! Here’s a recipe I made with the chocolate.



The Raw Chocolate Company

From raw chocolate bars in a whole manner of flavours to covered dried fruits and nuts, there is something for all tastes. Made simply from cacao beans and cacao butter, plus something to add sweetness, like coconut sugar, lucuma or xylitol, these goodies make an ideal treat when chocolate cravings hit.


Conscious Chocolate

Another of my favourite vegan-friendly brands, Conscious Chocolates are dairy, gluten and soya-free and contain no refined sugars. Imagine the creamiest, richest chocolate with flavours like Coconut Crunch and Cheeky Cherry Brandy, all of these bars hit the spot. See how I used the chocolate in this recipe.


Halo Coco

Lactose, gluten and dairy-free, Halo Coco coconut milk infused drinks (Coconut & Vanilla or Coconut & Pineapple) are made from natural ingredients, contain no refined sugars and are deliciously refreshing. Great to quench your thirst while on the go.


My favourite brand of plant-based milks, I use their unsweetened almond, oat and cashew varieties in many of my recipes and in porridge, hot drinks etc. It’s worth checking out their extensive yogurt and desserts range too if you’re looking for vegan alternatives.


Whether you’re vegan or just want to include healthier ingredients, snacks and products in your life, I hope you find this post useful! 🙂