Get Your Perky On: New Health Bars from Perkier

Quite a way back, I featured gluten-free brand PERK!ER on my blog, the first one covering their not-so-healthy Rocky Road and Tiffin bites, then later on a post dedicated to their cereal flakes and porridge products.

I’ve always been a fan of their friendly, personable and vibrant nature, so when I heard these guys were launching brand new 100% plant based snack bars, I was intrigued; a move away from naughty treats to more health focused bars on the go…


Here’s what PERK!ER say about their new range:

‘Packed with delicious natural plant wholefoods, PERK!ER bars are abundant in nutrients your body needs to thrive.’

Sounds right up my street, particularly for these reasons too:

  • Vegan, gluten and dairy-free
  • 100% plant based
  • Packed with protein
  • Natural source of fibre
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Omega 3 & 6 goodness

It’s great to see this focus on wholefoods, and a list of ingredients which collectively includes goji berries, chia seeds, cashew nuts, quinoa, cacao and chia seeds, which you perhaps don’t get in every other ‘healthy’ snack bar out there. To be honest, it’s rare I eat snack bars at all as they are either hidden with sugar or are made primarily from dates or dried fruit, which I’m personally not the biggest fan of.

That’s why I was so keen to try PERK!ER’s offerings, bars made up of a range of healthier ingredients and with ‘superfoods’ that contribute to your wellbeing. So let’s have a closer look at the variety in the range and my thoughts on each:

Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed Quinoa Bar


Nutritional info: 148 calories / 6.9g fat (1.1g saturated) / 16.1g carbohydrates (12.5g sugars) / 1.4g fibre / 5.4g protein

The nutty one. All of the the bars are chunky and substantial, but this one in particular really does the job of filling you up and leaving you satisfied. Offering plenty of crunch, packed with flavour and variety thanks to the generous amount of seeds, raisins and soya crunchies. This one is nicely sweet, but only naturally so you can really benefit from the natural energy.

Nutritional bonus: Cashews are deliciously creamy, crunchy and sweet, making them a perfect base for a natural bar. Chia is bursting with the goodness of minerals and is a natural source of omega 3 – if you want to find out more, check out this blog post on Kaizen Living.

Goji & Cranberry Quinoa Bar


Nutritional info: 135 calories / 4.2g fat (0.5g saturated) / 19.5g carbohydrates (15.3g sugars) / 1.8g fibre / 4.7g protein

The fruity one. A much sweeter and sticky one, this bar is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. Packed with generous, chunky fruit and crunchy quinoa and seeds, this is ideal for a post gym session to refuel the naturally sweet way.

Nutritional bonus: Quinoa is a complete plant protein and full of fibre, vitamins and valuable minerals, so it’s awesome that these bars are primarily made from this grain. Goji berries are a natural source of vitamin A, helping to maintain healthy skin, vision and immune system.

Cranberry & Cashew Oat Bar enhanced with Sprouted Buckwheat


Nutritional info: 161 calories / 4.9g fat (0.7g saturated) / 23.8g carbohydrates (10.5g sugars) / 1.6g fibre / 5.1g protein

The oaty one. Nice and crunchy thanks to the bountiful cashew chunks, offering plenty of texture to satisfy the expectation of a ‘snack bar’. Softer than the other quinoa bars, this keeps its shape thanks to its oaty density and makes a nice addition to the range. A more ‘neutral’ taste, this bar isn’t overpoweringly sweet, just a nice natural sweetness from the juicy cranberries.

Nutritional bonus: Sprouting grains means you can enjoy more of the protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals they contain.

Cacao & Cashew Quinoa Bar


Nutritional info: 144 calories / 6.2g fat (1.0g saturated) / 16.9g carbohydrates (13.5g sugars) / 1.8g fibre / 5.0g protein

The decadent one. Calling all the chocoholics out there – OHMYDAYS this bar is incredible!! Yes, I’m using two exclamation marks to express my excitement and love for this bar. I thought I’d save this until last, as it is certainly the most ‘indulgent’ and rich, yet only contains clean ingredients. It’s pretty sticky but this adds to the delicious caramel texture, combined with the crunchiness of the seeds, cashews and soy crunchies. A winner of a bar!

Nutritional bonus: It’s great to know that only cold-pressed cacao is used in these bars to help it retain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Where can I find them?
You’ll be pleased to know the range is available NOW from ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Whole Food stores nationwide, priced at 75p for single bars and from £1.90 for multi-packs. Bargain!