Guilt-free sweetness: Say hello to Choc Shot & Sweet Freedom

I’d heard a lot of hype about Sweet Freedom, a natural sweetness syrup, and its sister product, Choc Shot, the ‘revolutionary liquid hot chocolate’, over social media, so I was keen to try it myself. You can imagine my excitement then, when I was kindly sent a box of each product to try out and experiment with some healthy, high protein (and naturally gluten-free!) recipes. Without further ado, here’s more about these bottles of squirty goodness and some creations for you to try out yourself!


Sweet Freedom: Sweet by nature

“The ultimate natural sweetness”, Sweet Freedom is 100% natural and made from apples, grapes and carob, contains no artificial baddies, is low GI & GL so is a great option for diabetics and contains 25% fewer calories than sugar. Handmade in the UK, it has already won Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards for the last three years; from the bottle, this natural syrup sounded too good to be true.

I had a taste straight from the bottle and immediately loved its light, fruit sweet taste and syrupy texture; very similar to agave syrup but a little less sweet and with a more distinct flavour. I was impressed with the quality and how versatile this could be – I was already thinking of all the different ways I could use this, from sweetening porridge and smoothies to using it in baking. A healthy staple for everyone’s kitchen!


1) Carrot Cake Cupcakes & Almond Frosting


2) Vanilla Tofu Cheesecake Pots


3) Chocolate & Coconut Protein Balls


Choc Shot: Liquid cocoa goodness

Now for Choc Shot, a liquid hot chocolate sweetened with Sweet Freedom with the addition of cocoa and natural chocolate flavour. Similarly low GL / GI and suitable for diabetics and vegans, this squeezy product is also 100% natural. I was equally intrigued to try it as a hot chocolate drink (25% fewer calories gram for gram than your average powder and no lumps!) as I was to experiment with baking with it.

Another cheeky taste straight from the bottle, Choc Shot was rich, syrupy and cocoa-infused, delicious without being too sweet or overpowering. As well as being great for making a drink and to use in baking, I knew this would be a fantastic and less calorific alternative to chocolate sauce, melted chocolate or products like Nutella when wanting a chocolatey boost with things like yogurt, pancakes and fruit.


1) Banana Protein Pancakes with Berry Sauce & Choc Shot Drizzle


2) Avocado & Tofu Chocolate Mousse


3) Chocolate Banana Cake & Choc Shot Topping

Cleantella Creation!

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