Kaizen Living: Healthy creations using organic superfood blends

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you’ll have probably seen me post a lot about Kaizen Living, using their amazing superfoods in cooking and baking while I’ve been experimenting with healthy recipes. It was a pleasure to interview the man behind the brand, Rob, about how the upcoming launch next month and what he has planned for the Manchester-based superfood brand in the future – it’s all exciting stuff!

So, without further ado, I’m very keen and excited to share with you six super healthy, tasty and simple recipes using some of Kaizen Living’s wonderful, vibrant powders, full of goodness, vitamins and nutrients.


What’s chlorella all about then? It’s basically one of the world’s most complete foods, thanks to helping to reduce cholesterol, preventing the hardening of arteries (a precursor to heart attacks and strokes) and being great for the immune system. A single celled blue-green microalgae containing a complete protein profile, all the B vitamins, vitamin C and E, plus loads of minerals – just call it a powerhouse of goodness.

Cultivated organically in the freshwater ponds on a remote island in the South China Sea, Kaizen Living’s chlorella contains the highest chlorophyll content (per gram) of any planet on earth – not a bad claim to fame in the superfood world!

Recommended intake: One or two heaped teaspoons daily. Mix into fruit juices, smoothies or salads…or, why not try my recipes below?




Containing over 100 nutrients, spirulina is possibly the most complete food known to man, boasting 4 x more absorbable protein than beef, 5 x more beta-carotene than carrots, 18 amino acids and is a rich source of vitamin A, B6 and iron. Not only that, but this blue-green microalgae is an amazing antioxidant thanks to its high chlorophyl content and is ideal for aiding a busy, active lifestyle.

To ensure their spirulina powder is of the very highest standard and completely pure, Kaizen Living routinely test for the presence of mercury, lead and other contaminants. Cultivated organically on a remote island in the sunshine of the South China Sea, this is a fantastic and wonderfully colourful addition to any diet for a health boost!

Recommended intake: Enjoy one or two heaped teaspoons daily, mixed into fruit juices, smoothies or salads…or, give my beetroot muffin recipe a go!



Translated from ‘Theobroma’ as ‘Food of the Gods’, cacao is best known as the raw base for chocolate and is possibly the greatest antioxidant of any food on the planet. Containing essential fatty acids to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels, plus mood lifting nutrients and helping to regulate blood sugar levels, Kaizen Living’s Ecuadorian powder is 100% raw and organic, making it one of the finest varieties in the world.

Recommended intake: Enjoy a couple of spoonfuls per day as part of a varied diet, added to desserts, cookies and baking. For the cacao nibs, which offer the same impressive health benefits, sprinkle on porridge, oats or cereal, or use in drinks and desserts. How about giving my recipe below a go too?



Chia seeds are interesting little things and are an absolute wonder-food. Translating to ‘strength’ from the Malaysian word ‘chia’, they have the ability to boost energy and stamina levels. Containing 15 x more magnesium than broccoli, 8 x more Omega-3 than Wild Atlantic salmon, 5 x more calcium than milk and 3 x more iron than spinach (phew!), these bad boys are pretty impressive when it comes to nutritional benefits. Transforming into a ‘gel’ like texture when soaked in a liquid, chia seeds are personally one of my top store cupboard essentials.

Kaizen Living’s Chia is organically grown on farms across South America and only partner with farmers in locations within the plant’s naturally occurring range.

Recommended intake: Enjoy as an addition to porridge (or alternative to!), cereals, drinks or desserts…or why not try this recipe with wheatgrass?


Cherished by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, you can see why when you see that wheatgrass is an incredibly rich source of chlorophyll, antioxidants, all essential amino acids, vitamins, protein, enzymes, energy boosting minerals, fibre, calcium…that’s what you call a superfood! With more vitamin C than oranges, twice as much vitamin A than carrots and one serving roughly equivalent to 1.5lbs of dark, leafy green veg, wheatgrass is especially good for those wanting to achieve healthy, clear skin.

Kaizen Living’s organic wheatgrass is grown outdoors in the perfect conditions of remote, rural Northern China on an organic farm, where the young seedlings are hand cut and cleaned nine times, then only the finest quality blades are chosen for processing.

Recommended intake: Enjoy one or two heaped teaspoons daily. Add to water for a shot of goodness, blend into fruit juices or smoothies…or try this recipe with chia seeds below!



Packed full of chlorophyll, protein, vitamins and minerals, barleygrass is one of the most nutritionally balanced foods available – no wonder it can be traced back to being used by humans thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Vikings! Boasting 18 amino acids (including all 8 essentials), 7 x more vitamin C than oranges, 11 x more calcium than cow’s milk and 5 x more iron than spinach, say hello to yet another superfood powerhouse.

Kaizen Living’s organically grown outdoors on luscious pastures in a remote, completely unpolluted part of Northern China, the water used to irrigate the field is mineral-rich underground spring water – 100% free from agricultural run-off or pollution.

Recommended intake: Enjoy 1-2 heaped teaspoons daily. Add to water for a shot of goodness, blend into fruit juices and smoothies. or why not try giving my recipe a go?



If you try making them, please tag us on Twitter @SpamellaB @KaizenLiving and Instagram @SpamellaB @KaizenLiving with the hashtag #KeepItKaizen – in the meantime, keep your eyes out about the launch from November!