Provamel soya yogurt Winter Warmer recipe challenge

As we get into the autumnal months our bodies tend to crave warming, comforting foods, from soups and stews to porridge and fruit crumbles – food to feed the soul. To signal this move into the colder season, Provamel got in touch with me to take part in their ‘Winter Warmer’ recipe challenge, to coincide with the launch of the new Natural Sugars-Free soya range. It was a pleasure to receive a wonderful ‘No Sugars, No Limit’ kit, including a beautiful, hand-painted Nkuku bowl, Eco cookware, winter spices in cute little kilner jars and a personalised box of muesli from My Muesli.

Provamel delivery

Encompassing the brand’s focus on natural, plant-based eating, the alternative products are still as creamy and delicious as the original but it’s great to have an option totally free from sugar, while for those with a sweet tooth, one mildly sweetened with organic agave syrup is also available in the new range.

So, back to the challenge. I had a think about some of the meals and foods I enjoy most when the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, considering recipes which would work well with both the unsweetened and agave syrup Provamel yogurts. Being so versatile, the ideas seemed endless and it was hard to narrow it down to just two recipes so I actually made three: A substantial warm salad, spiced pumkin tartlets and a twist on the usual apple crumble – all using seasonal and healthy ingredients.

superfood salad


spiced pumpkin tarts

Thanks so much to Provamel for inviting me to take part in this fun recipe challenge, I was really impressed with both products from the new range, in particular the no sugar soya yogurt, which will be brilliant to use in savoury recipes. Both of them thick, creamy, tasty and versatile, I’ll certainly include these dairy-free yogurt alternatives in my baking and cooking in the future!