Low in sugar but high in taste: Say hello to Jim Jams Spreads

The beginnings of Jim Jams was spawned from a relatively simple premise:

“My family wanted delicious jams without all the sugar, so we made them.”

Shocked by the levels of sugar in the usual breakfast staple product, the brand was born as they set about making their own jams and spreads but without all the sugar, proving that it is possible to achieve the taste and enjoyment while being healthier for our bodies and teeth.


Jim Jams offer reduced sugar jams in Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackcurrant varieties, plus Orange Marmalade, as well as no added sugar Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Chocolate spreads; an extensive and varied range to suit most tastes and requirements. All products are gluten-free, diabetic friendly, kinder to teeth and lower in calories than standard brands.

I was blown away by the chocolate spreads in particular, made with the sweetener maltitol in place of sugar. Although still high in calories and fat thanks to the use of vegetable oil, both are rich and sweet enough to only need a little to satisfy chocolate cravings when used as a spread, in baking – or straight from the jar! The hazelnut one was pretty much Nutella but better for you.

The fruit spreads were equally enjoyable, although these contain sugar rather than sweeteners, just a lower level than normal jams. The berry based ones were as you would expect – packed full of fruit, flavour and the ideal texture of not being too runny, thick or ‘seedy’. I must admit I’ve never been a fan of marmalade thanks to its tart taste, but this made me more determined to try it in a recipe and counter its bitterness.

Here are my four healthy, gluten-free recipes all made using these wonderful Jim Jams products. Look out for them shops like Home Sense, TK Maxx and the Co-Operative.

Marmalade-spiked Chocolate Orange Muffins


Berry Jam & Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake


Innocent Banana & Chocolate Bread


Banana, Coconut & Raspberry Baked Oats


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