Top recipes for #IndulgingInnocently this Easter

You may have seen a few recipes pop up over the coming week focused around healthy alternative recipes in the run up to Easter. At a time when we’re surrounded by chocolate and sweet treats, it can be hard to resist the goodies going round…but wait, what about if you CAN have your cake or chocolate and eat it?!

Here are some old and some new recipes which would fit nicely into Easter celebrations if you’re baking for family and/or friends. From ginger and almond eggs to cute little Easter nests or gooey chocolate muffins, these are some of my favourite #indulginginnocently creations which prove that you can still enjoy this time of year without feeling too naughty!

1) Kaizen Living Cacao Nests with Superfood Eggs


2) Heavenly Raspberry Bakewell Slices


3) Super Easy Creamy Vanoffe Raw Chocolate Pots


4) Ginger & Almond Chocolate Protein Easter Eggs


5) Chocolate & Pear Upside-Down Cake


6) Chocolate Coconut Protein Tarlets


7) Marmalade-spiked Chocolate Orange Muffins


8) Wheyhey Mint Swirl Protein Chocolate Chunks


What healthy Easter treats will YOU be making? I’d love to know! Tweet me @SpamellaB, comment below or tell me on Facebook – I love being inspired too!