How To Be Happy & Healthy This Summer

I actually cannot believe how lucky we have been with the weather this summer in the UK; weeks of sunshine, blue skies and scorching temperatures. In fact, I’ve been pretty much living outside either in the garden or being outdoors and making the most of it! Alongside taking advantage of lots of vitamin D, I’ve also been taking other steps to stay happy and healthy throughout the summer season. In collaboration with with Alive!, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways I’ve been keeping the positive vibes going:


I’ve never been a fan of the gym and have always loved working out at home. All you need is a few basic bits of equipment – I have kettlebells, free weights, a medicine ball, resistance band, a skipping rope, an exercise mat and my own body weight – and you’re good to go. Having a toddler means any sort of routine is thrown out the window but if Thomas is down for a nap or happily playing next to me, I’ll squeeze a workout in the comfort of my living room or while it’s been nice, I’ve been taking it outdoors early in the morning before it gets too hot. Fitting in exercise around your lifestyle is the best way to keep a regular plan going – it can be a challenge but anything is better than nothing!


When the weather is so nice, if and when you can, get out and enjoy it! Whether it’s going for a long walk or run, taking the kids to the park, eating lunch or dinner outside, having a picnic or BBQ, going for a day out and exploring… Get that dose of vitamin D by exposing your skin (and this can just be your arms) without sun screen for 15 minutes a day – and then slap on the sun cream. Thomas is in his element being in his pram or toddling around the park, garden or fields where he can roam free!


If the hot weather is making you feel tired or you’re lacking energy in general, you might want to consider taking a vitamin B supplement to help to reduce fatigue and help to boost natural energy; B vitamins assist the body in converting the food you eat to energy. This is where Alive! Vitamin B-Complex Soft Jells comes in. Containing the full B-vitamin complex plus also including vitamin C to reduce tiredness, the Jells are deliciously fruity and are made from contain a unique dried blend of 26 fruit and vegetables. and They are also suitable for vegetarians. They are available from Holland and Barrett (RRP £14.99) and are currently on offer direct from Nature’s Way for just £9.99. Alive! are also offering all my readers free shipping worth £3.50 on any single packs of Alive! Soft Jells: simply order here and use the code FREESHIP at checkout. Offer ends 31st August 2018


Whether that’s wearing bold prints, colourful nail polish or adding plenty of colour to your plate, summer is the time to feel happy and positive. By including more of a rainbow when it comes to fruit and vegetables, this will help to provide your body with everything it needs to run and feel energised throughout the summer. Why not pack a picnic full of interesting salads, add vegetable skewers to the BBQ, make up your own hummus with added veggies like beetroot, or whizz up a smoothie and serve it as a smoothie bowl? The opportunities are endless and it’s fun to be creative with food!


Make the most of the lighter days and longer evenings after work and do things that make you smile! Life is all about balance. You might work hard and have a stressful job, run a busy household, spend a lot of time looking after others, but try and make time to do things you love. Whether that’s booking a holiday, going to a gig, travelling, going camping or seeing your friends, summer is about those moments and memories to look back on.


It’s important to stay hydrated and cool when the temperatures soar, especially if you’re active and sweat a lot. Drink plenty of water, have ice in the freezer, make your own healthy ice lollies, keep gels or aftersun in the fridge to cool your skin down or have a cold shower at night. Being too hot can make you feel irritable and uncomfortable and as much as it’s great to spend time enjoying the sunshine, be sure to escape in the shade at points too.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post working with Alive! All points of topic are my own opinions and thoughts.